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About the Wellness Retreat

Has it been getting harder to ignore the restlessness and agitation inside you or to sleep away the aching exhaustion that is eroding your energy and confidence day after day?
Research from prior economic downturns shows that job loss is associated with increased depression, anxiety, distress, and low self-esteem and may lead to higher rates of substance use disorder and suicide. During the pandemic, adults in households with job loss or lower incomes report higher rates of symptoms of mental illness than those without job or income loss (53% vs. 32%).
We have partnered with various Hotel Groups around Africa in creating well-curated and thoughtfully planned space of time where women can feel cared for and carefree.
It's a space where you as a community of women can help one another cultivate your womanhood, celebrate your unique talents, and ultimately leave the retreat feeling empowered to make selfcare a priority.
The point of a women’s wellness retreat is not just to take a day or two off for self care, but to learn about ways to implement healthy habits into your daily life. While nutrition and fitness are easy places to start the discussion about holistic wellness, our health extends well beyond our physical needs. “It is ALL CONNECTED when it comes to [a healthy] lifestyle.
The goal of the day or the weekend should be that each woman feels refreshed, inspired, and motivated to care for herself physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Days: 3, 7, 14, 21
For cost please enquire : wwretreat@womeninformation.org


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